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By Ben Leung

First Aid Training

Not every job is dangerous, but every employer is responsible for the safety of their employees in the workplace. Insignia provides first aid training to employees and ensure the team become more safety aware, helping bring down the number of accidents. First aid and CPR saves lives, particularly where there are grave injuries and it is critical that immediate action is taken. Training gives critical knowledge and confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear or confusion

The Bright Future

Ben Leung, Chief Financial Officer of Insignia Energy Ltd. comments on the first quarter 2019 results : – I’m proud of our Q1 financials performance. We’ve had a strong start to the year and the results are impressive. Insignia Q1 results achieved record high earnings and cash flow from operations. We focus on drilling best in class light oil wells in Montney, enhancing the infrastructure to handle more oil production and driving down on operation cost in Q1. All of this demonstrated our strategy is working. For sure, Insignia has a bright future.

“We celebrated to deliver record high production volume this afternoon. This is a milestone for us to reach our goal. Thank you for the team dedication and hard work because of which our future look bright.”

Welcome to join in Insignia's team

We believe employees are the best asset of our organization , and putting effort into employee wellness can encourage better teamwork, increased productivity and reduce sick leave and workplace accidents. This is our corporate culture in Insignia. Welcome to join in our team.

Insignia is the Sponsor

Innovation is in Insignia’s DNA. It was making things better than before. But we know we cannot solve the world’s challenge. We are glad to sponsor the third year of the Canada China Commercial Association Roadshow Competition to unlock the full power of innovation.

We are Here!

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